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Dro K

Dro K Asked 8 years ago

So i have been playing ping pong for about a month now and have been asking my dad for a new racket.  I'm currently using some garbage three ply wood and 1mm thick rubber. My dads response to buying a racket is if any professional uses the same racket it wont make much of a difference to him. Please give me a list of a few reasons why a racket would help me play better. Also I've been looking at the joola rosskopf classic, what is your opinion on that. thanks

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Dro,

There are a few levels of racket that are important.

The first is to get a bat that allows you to spin the ball.  This will allow you to develop your strokes correctly.  I am not sure what bat you are using but if it is able to spin the ball then it may be good for you for now.

The next level is to get a Custom bat which will be a little faster once you have developed the basic strokes well.

Then you can get a faster bat and bat with more spin again that will allow you to do things specifically that suit your game.

The joola rosskopf classic looks like a reasonable starter bat.

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Dro K

Dro K Posted 8 years ago

Thanks alot

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