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prabhdeep singh

prabhdeep singh Asked 8 years ago

Hi Team,

I am just a beginner in table tennis. Could please tell me how much difference the table tennis bat makes? I am currently using stag power drive. I am struggling with smahes as of now.

If yes could you please suggest me with any bat. I am from india.


Prabhdep Singh

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Prabhdeep,

You need to have a certain standard of bat that suits your level.  I think there are about 4 levels.

There is the starting bat that just allows you to play the game.  You ail often find these in sports stores or they come in packs when you buy a table.  These are only suitable for recreational players that want to play a game.

The next level is a reasonable beginner bat.  This needs to have an inverted pimple rubber with some sponge under the rubber.  This won't be very fast and give you good control to be able to learn your strokes.

After that you can go to a custom made bat.  This will be slightly faster but certainly not the top end of speed or spin.  A rubber like Mark V is a good choice at this time.

Then the last level is to customise a bat to your needs of spin, speed and weight.

At each of these levels there are hundreds of options, especially the last level.  I see too many players trying to find the answer to their game by by switching between bats in the same level.  This is not the answer.  The answer is more and better quality training.

The Stage Power Drive is at the second level.  Make sure there is still grip on the surface of the rubber.  If it does have grip, stay with it and work on your strokes.  Look at the lesson we have on the Forehand Smash.


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