How to conceal my spin when I am serving

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zaki shalom

zaki shalom Asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Pingskills my name is Zaki and i'm from israel.

I really love your videos, and I learn from them alot!!!

I have notice that when the professionals serve it's hard to tell which spin they generate, it seems that they conceal their spin from the opponent.

So my question is how do i conceal my spin when i'm serving?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Zaki,

The first thing is to develop a lot of spin on your serves.  Then you can start to work on ways to put slightly less or more spin on the serve while maintaining the same swing for all of the options.

Having the same start of the all variations of the serve is an important step.  The try to give the receiver the least amount of information and time to adjust.

Work on this over a period of time and then get a training partner to watch you serving and give you information on where the different variations look different.  You could even film the serves from the opposite side of the table and take a look for yourself.

For our Premium members we have a tutorial on Service Disguise.


Glad that you are enjoying the videos.

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