Hurricane 3 or neo and mark v xs for backhand rubber

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Rugene Pet

Rugene Pet Asked 7 years ago

Hi coach Alois and Jeff,

Any opinions for the dhs hurricane 3 and the neo version and the mark v xs for a backhand rubber? I rarely use a backhand to attack tho i only use it to counter spinny serves by doing a chop. Any choices of which rubber should i use and what sponge thickness would you recommend? Thanks a lot.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Rugene,

I don't have any opinions on those because I haven't used them, but I am sure one of our readers will be able to help.

The only thing I would say is, get a thinner sponge which will give you better control for your chopping.

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Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 7 years ago

I think for chopping, serving, pushing and slow spinny topspins then go for Hurricane 3 Neo. Its is very spinny but bit slow than mark V, I used H3N myself and it got a lot of control and spin potential, I was just amazed. 

Rugene Pet

Rugene Pet Posted 7 years ago

What about the hurricane 3 neo's durability? 

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 7 years ago

Yes, H3N is as durable as mark V. 

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 7 years ago

But H3N need to be cleaned after few session as its tackyness will lose but if you want more spinny and a bit of fast rubber than Hurricane 3 Neo go for Hurricane 8.

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