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anthony pham

anthony pham Asked 10 years ago


Today my friend and i had and argument about which rubber is faster. They are two very popular rubbers dhs hurricane 3 and tenergy 05. Which rubber is faster for looping and smashing?

Thank you 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Anthony,

I think the Tenergy is slightly faster.  Not a great difference though. 

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Joey San Andes

Joey San Andes Posted 10 years ago

Hello Alois! Correct me if I'm wrong but the speed mostly depend on the blade. Spin is the key factor for rubbers. But of course, the skill of the player will still play a big part.

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 10 years ago

I use Hurricane 3 (both regular and neo) and have to say it feels slower than Pryde, and I assume Tenergy is faster than Pryde.  Most people who use Hurricanes claim it is actually slowish due to the tackiness, even though the rubber is advertised as a high speed rubber.

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 6 years ago

DHS rubber are very good for spin oriented (Loops, Topspin, Chops) players or defensive player,

Tenergy series are very good for speed oriented (Drive, Smash) player or pure offensive player.  

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