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Ro Ma

Ro Ma Asked 8 years ago


I am at 1300 rating right now.

I got: blade Nittaku Monophonic (defense)

       rubbers: Juic 999 elite 1.5mm both sides - Type: Smooth   Speed: 57   Spin: 96   Control: 82 

I am having problem (in states) to find the same brand in the same thickness by Juic. I was lucky today to get at least the black side and they had the last sheet on Amazon, isn't it amazing?

I love to block topspinners, chop, push and serve nastily. I am able in most times to get at least 1 game from 1700-1900 rated pongers and occasionally 2 games. I just started to go a bit for attacks instead of just defending. I am hitting frequently by edges of the paddle mostly on the FH side between 8-1 O' clock position causing the rubber vanishing from the edge. Perhaps bigger paddle of same or lighter weight would be best since I have spare same paddle and rubber except it's 2mm instead 1.5mm and it's toooo heavy so I am not interested to play with anything heavier.    

Is there something spinnier in the same thickness for both sides and specifications by any good quality brand? (Price doesn't matter) Any advice for equipment and skill level increase is appreciated, thanks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Roman,

I don’t have much information on this.  I hope that others will be able to help you.

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Sinh Phun

Sinh Phun Posted 8 years ago


Paddle Palace got them in 1.5mm.

Ro Ma

Ro Ma Posted 8 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to add "Defense" brand to the rubber. They just contacted me yesterday and it's going to take them 4-5 weeks to get them. As I mentioned, couldn't find here in states someone with the above mentioned rubber I need.

Thanks for respond.

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