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Rahul Mandrekar

Rahul Mandrekar Asked 4 years ago

Hello Coach,

While watching a lot of online videos, was wondering if at all there is a restriction on the number of strikes in a rally, or even the length of a rally. How long can two opponents continue to play a successful rally?

appreciate your thoughts and comments on this one.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Rahul,

Any rally doesn't have a restriction but there is a thing called the expedite rule.  The rule is below.  Basically if the game goes for more than 10 minutes then the Expedite system is introduced.  With this the server has to win th point within 13 shots.  If they don't then the receiver wins the point.

2.15.01  Except as provided in 2.15.2, the expedite system shall come into operation after 10 minutes' play in a game or at any time when requested by both players or pairs. 
2.15.02  The expedite system shall not be introduced in a game if at least 18 points have been scored. 
2.15.03  If the ball is in play when the time limit is reached and the expedite system is due to come into operation, play shall be interrupted by the umpire and shall resume with service by the player who served in the rally that was interrupted; If the ball is not in play when the expedite system comes into operation, play shall resume with service by the player who received in the immediately preceding rally.  
2.15.04  Thereafter, each player shall serve for 1 point in turn until the end of the game, and if the receiving player or pair makes 13 correct returns in a rally the receiver shall score a point. 
2.15.05  Introduction of the expedite system shall not alter the order of serving and receiving in the match, as defined in 2.13.6. 
2.15.06  Once introduced, the expedite system shall remain in operation until the end of the match. 

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