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Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Asked 14 years ago

So I need a daily list of things which should I do to keep my body in shape. These are the things I want to know:

  • Daily Exercises - I only do jogging for 30 mins a day. I need to know what other exercises improve my agility and all the other mechanics of this game. And also, I need flexing exercises to loose my "hard" body.
  • Food - So as the note said, I actually have a thin body.  So I need to know which foods builds up my body properly for a more accurate gameplay.


 Which is more better in Table Tennis, a thin weak player or a bug strong player? Why?

 If I faten up my body, if I burn the calories, will my muscles grow?

 How will I fix my hard body problem?Is it the flexing exercises? Why?


I don't have the time to go in Gyms these days because I live far from the City. I live in a province where there is fresh air.

I don't have the equipment for body building but I can do something about it like for example I need a dumbell, I just need a plastic bottle with a bar on the middle and place cement in it.

I actually have a thin body. I don't know why but I eat alot but still my body dosen't faten up.

I have a "hard" body. By "hard" I mean one thats not as flexible and does not move as normal bodies do.

I hope that you answer this very long post. Take you time

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi James,

Jogging is good for you but not very specific to table tennis.  We need faster movements and sideways movement in particular in table tennis.

You can train this by copying the shuttle footwork.  Do it for short periods like 10 seconds but at top speed.  You also need to practice changing direction with this footwork.

For more agility you can do many twisting and changing direction exercises but again focusing on the movements of table tennis.

One of our Chinese coaches had us doing bouncing exercises, and then doing side movements, shuffling forwards and backwards and many combinations of these.  Again speed of movement is important here.

Which is better, thin and lean or big strong?  You need a combination of those.  You need to have low fat leves but you also need strength for speed of movement.

Your leg strength is an important part of table tennis so finding some leg strengthening exercises would be helpful.

To help with your Hard Body, you need to do a lot of stretching to increase the length of your muscles.  This will take a while but you need to do it regularly.  Once a day if possible for 5 to 10 minutes.

With these types of things, you really do need to get some professional help. Even if you go a few times so they can see you and recommend a program for you.

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