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Erriza Shalahuddin

Erriza Shalahuddin Asked 2 weeks ago

Who is the table tennis player who has the most relaxed playstyle? Let me start with my own answer that in my opinion it is Vladimir Samsonov. I really like watching his style as if he has all the time in the world to make his stroke, and then perform it effortlessly. He makes table tennis looks very easy and even relaxing!

I'm asking this because I think I've reached a new level in my forehand topspin with more calm and relaxed approach. Previously I tried to imitate Ma Long style of explosive and powerful forehand topspin, but eventually I realized I'm not suited to that style. At least not yet. So right now I'm looking for a top table tennis player whose relaxed playstyle can be my role model.

PS: even though I like Samsonov's, I don't think he's the right choice because Samsonov's technique is pure European style, whereas my technique is more like Chinese style with more full-body movement and bigger swing. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Erriza,

I also like Samsonov for this reason.

The other player is Jan Ove Waldner... 

You can also look at Lin Yun Ju who has a beautiful relaxed style as well.

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Erriza Shalahuddin

Erriza Shalahuddin Posted 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your response coach! Definitely I will learn how he plays, at least I'm sure I can copy his calm demeanor in games.

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