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moataz liontoxicator

moataz liontoxicator Asked 10 years ago

Hello Alios,

I don't know if you remember,but i told you i was going to buy a new paddle,and i did,but the handle is a little longer than i used to,im a penholder,and i cut the length of the previous to my liking,but it was a cheaper trainer paddle,so i wanted to ask you,it's a 5 star stiga spica so if i cut off the handle,does that affect my game in any way , like with the balance or something with the penhold grip.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Moataz,

It shouldn't effect the balance too much but I would just leave it and see if you can get used to the bat without cutting it down.  I am not sure what the handle is like and it may even be hollow in the middle so if you cut it down you may be left with an open handle.  I don't know the bat well enough to know if this is the case.

Someone else may be able to help here. 

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moataz liontoxicator

moataz liontoxicator Posted 10 years ago

Hello Alios,

It was my fault for not providing enough information,but you were kind enough to answer my question with what you barely knew,thank you again i will try to gather enough information and get back to you.



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