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Kishor Kurian

Kishor Kurian Asked 10 years ago


First of all, I will have to thank Pingskills for the free goodies in Youtube. I started with those,and now I am the Intercollege Champion for Table Tennis. (Seriously!)

What I am looking now is to upgrade from my $6 bat which my college currently have. It looks descent but, the rubbers are normal rubbers on both sides, and we cant really do much magic with that.(Doesnt mean I can turn the world around with a newbat, but with practice, I can).

So what I am looking for is to buy a paddle, with rubbers attached because I am no good in doing it.

 I am looking for an extremely fast rubber on one side, and extremely spinny one on the other. (with or without pimples)

I have some $50-$200 to spend on it as of now. Around $100 would be fair I suppose.

 Kindly suggest me some rubbers, so I can go grab them, or it would be great if I can simply buy it from Pingskills :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Kishor,

I would go for a Mark V on both sides.  It is best not to use a pimpled rubber to start with.  Try to get the strokes correct first before going to something like a pimple.

I would recommend the PingSkills Touch with Mark V or the PingSkills Rook for you. 

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Kishor Kurian

Kishor Kurian Posted 10 years ago

Well, I am no fan of having same rubber on both sides, given that I need a variety for every balls I return. I mean, when I play forehand, I need it to be super fast, and when I play backhand, I need it to spin as much as possible. Also, I have a pretty descent push, and I need to improve the spin further.


I have enough time for practice before I am into anymore matches. So let me know what I really need to get.


Pimples isnt necessary, but I would love because with practice, I can easily get well with it, and I already play descent table tennis. No way near you guys though. lol :D

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 10 years ago

Hi Kishor,

Even though you prefer to have different rubbers, we would still advice to go with Mark V on both sides. Mark V is an excellent rubber and you can generate a very fast forehand with right technique. Also by brushing the ball you can generate a lot of spin. So you can get the variation but it is done with technique. Your push can be super effective with a rubber like Mark V.

As Alois mentioned it is good to develop your game with normal rubber first. If you've only ever used a $6 bat you are going to be amazed at the difference.

Debo :

Debo : Posted 10 years ago

FH - GKI Euro Cellonz

BH - GKI Eruo Spintech

Blade - Stiga Offensive Classic

Try this, this may fulfill your requirement.  Though, I also think any all wood 5 ply blade (Off-) with mark v on both side will be a better choice.  Try to improve your technique.

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