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Arthur Unknown

Arthur Unknown Asked 13 years ago

I've been playing with inverted rubber for almost a year now. i notice that with my backhand, i always end up counterhitting even far away from the table. (i know its a bad habit) i just find that the counterhit takes a lot less time to set up and its quite a bit faster. I play about 3 ft away from the table with a good forehand loop. im thinking of playing agressive flat countering with my backhand and looping with forhand. occasionally i might back away from the table and play a chopping game just to change it up.

what might be the better rubber choice for this style of play, or should i just stay with inverted on both wings?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Arthur,

You could change to a short pimple on the backhand.  However, if you go too far away from the table and try to counterhit with them it becomes difficult.

The medium to longer pimples will make it very difficult to counter form back from the table but will help with the defensive play.

Perhaps a thinner inverted rubber with good control may be best for the backhand.

Does anyone have any ideas for Arthur.  Someone out there might have a similar style.

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