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Dariusz Rypień

Dariusz Rypień Asked 2 weeks ago

Hello guys,

I’ve recently been struggling to win against a girl who plays a weird technique and is attacking me with long-pimple side. On the forehand side she uses a normal, inverted rubber. She hits with a lot of force on long pimple side because such rubbers do not have so much friction to pace the ball. As a result the ball which comes to me is sometimes difficult to control and goes into the net. I usually use this strategy against long-pimple players: topspin and after it I push, because after it the easily attackable ball usually comes to me. But she is different because after the push she attacks heavy with this long pimples, which makes me uncomfortable. So the question is what should I do, maybe pushing deep or short?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Dariusz,

I think it is better to push long to her.  If you push short the ball will be attacked form closer to you which gives you less time.  When you push long it will give you more time to see the ball and the speed of her attack won’t be as fast.

The other thing to do is to think about just rolling the ball with topspin on the second ball which isn’t as easy for her to attack with the long pimples as the ball will come out wth backspin.

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Dariusz Rypień

Dariusz Rypień Posted 2 weeks ago

Ok thanks for the tips. I'll definitely try them next time out :). 

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