Missing the Ball on My Forehand

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Last updated 6 years ago

River Walker

River Walker Asked 6 years ago


Why do I miss hitting the ball when I try to hit with a FH loop/topspin.  It happens more when I try to brush the ball.  Is it because of my opponents?  Is it because I take off my eyes on the ball at contact and instead looking at the target before the ball hits my racket?  Am I hitting the ball too late and not at the top of the bounce?  What is the most likely cause of it?  I lose 1-2 points in an 11-point game because I'm hitting air instead of the ball.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi River,

It is probably because you are not watching the ball carefully enough.  That is usually the cause of missing the ball.

It may have a little to do some other things but watching the ball is crucial.

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River Walker

River Walker Posted 6 years ago

Thanks coach. I will watch the ball more.

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