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ghazisarwat syed

ghazisarwat syed Asked 10 years ago

Hi , 

i am very much pleased by the initiatives you people have taken to qualitify this lovely game. I always have the problem with the forehand topspin .., that is i play the first ball and don't find myself in a proper position to repeat the same.  Moreover i keep changing my shake hand grip and movement pattern to make the stroke more feasible. Kindly help me with the bending and the movement patterns along with the knowledge of judging the ball to make the correct choice of shot..!!! it will be very kind of you .

i have been playing t.t for past 7 years ., and i am very much into the game.but with new videos i see , i keep changing my style of play and grip.this has screwed my game. 

hoping for a reply.

Thanking You

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Ghazisarwat,

One of the keys here is to keep balanced while you are playing your topspin.  If you are balanced then the next ball will be easy.  Often players will try too hard with their first topspin and therefore throw themselves off balance and not be able to make the next shot.

Also, try to find one grip and stay with it.  The more times you change the harder it will be to get improvement in your game.  Keep the grip simple.

So, work on balance and you will be able to recover to hit each ball that comes to you. 

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