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venugopal sanu

venugopal sanu Asked 10 years ago

I have been playing for a long time with this rubber at my back hand and I am a right handed player.  For many days i am not able to understand this rubber, because when i push the ball either short or long the ball some time behaves as if there is so much back spin , and well it does have the spin !! for when it does the ball goes to net every time from my opponent . And some times i am so puzzeled that the ball bounces as if the rubber is an anti spin for a push action.

So I wanted some advise on this Rubber characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of playing with it , This one is very tacky on the blade (bat) this is made in shanghai double happiness , i had brought two rubber sheets for me the black one has blue sponge and the red one has orange sponge, I dont know why but my backhand strokes have very defensive strokes , i attack some times but when the ball is fairly high enough on the table.

Need some points on what type of the playing style does this rubber suits most ?

Thanks in advance for your answers ,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Venu,

 The PF4 rubber is a typical Chinese rubber with hard sponge and a tacky surface.

It is good for topspin and heavy pushing.  Because the rubber surface is so tacky you can use a lot of angle on your bat and the rubber will still grip it and send it over the net.

Sometimes these sheets of rubber are inconsistent.  Rub your finger across the surface and see if there are any patches that feel less tacky.  It may be hitting these spots when you are getting the anti-spin feeling.

They are a good rubber for spin and made for players that like to push and make heavy topspins against backspin.  It is also usually well priced. 

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