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Kashif Husain

Kashif Husain Asked 11 years ago

Hi , Im Kashif , I have been playing table tennis for about a year .. my table tennis skills are between beginner and intermediate level .. i was looking for a good raket having maximum speed , spin and control .. i have use some Butterflly rackets . I was searching for maximumn speed, spin and control rakets and i came accross two rackets :

1. Butterfly senshu having 100,100,75 (speed , spin , control)

2. Butterfly Carlos chiu 100,100,85 (speed , spin , control)

I checked a website and it said that senshu and carlos chiu are same except senshu has FCT (foam core technology) that makes it faster then Carlos chiu and therefore carlos chiu ahs more contro due to lack of faster speed

I need ur advice on this issue . Remember im in Paksitan and here its difficult to find custom rubbers and blades so i have to go ahead with a pre-assembled racket 

main question : 1) which pre-assembled racket wud u recommend me COACH ? having maximum speed , spin , control ? 2) which is better senshu or carlos chiu or is there any other one else better then the two ??? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Kshif,

If they both have Flextra rubber then they will have similar properties.  They will be a good step up.

We will also have the 'PingSkills Rook' available in the next week which will retail for around the same price.  It will have a good quality Lion rubber on it which will give you good control but still allow you to spin the ball well and develop your strokes. 

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Kashif Husain

Kashif Husain Posted 11 years ago

ThankYou Coach , ure the man !!! THanks Vry much . best thing was that i recieved an email that told me my question was answered . thnks :)

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