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César París

César París Asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone, Im new here so I will introduce myself first, Im 17 years old and I have been playing table tennis since I was 9 but ocasionally, anyways, I have mastered the basic table tennis and I have been playing with a pre-made racket for about 4 years and now Im more concerned about improving more in table tennis because I have found that is something that I really enjoy.

Now, I want to go further and to do that I need a new racket, the thing is that after searching in table tennis 11 I found that custom bats were too expensive for me, I want to expend 60 euros more or less and I dont know what to buy, Could you recommend me something?

People have tell me to buy this combination:

rubbers: Yasaka Original XHG        Blade: Persson Power Speed
But I dont know how this will work together. My playstyle is offensive and I would like something spinny to improve my effects but I dont know if this rubbers will be good on me, Im thinking on buying DHS Hurricane 3 or TSP Ventus Basic instead of Yasaka, Could you tell me something abut this 3 rubbers and advice me in general.
Thanks for everything laughing 

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 5 years ago

Hi César,

Welcome. It's great to see you taking the next step to a custom bat. It certainly is an exciting time. As you may know from reading our answers to equipment questions, we certainly aren't experts and don't keep up with all the options available. We try to focus on technique.

Having said that I don't think you can go to wrong with some of the options you have suggested. If anyone else has some advice for César then please leave a comment.

Let us know what you end up choosing!

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Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 5 years ago

For that kind of budget and experience, I'd good for a well-known ALL/ALL+ blade, like a Stiga Allround Classic, a Donic Waldner Allplay or a Tibhar IV-L and a pair of LKT Pro-XT or XP rubbers. That would give you a bat around 50-60 euros with good control and enough potential to develop your game. You could also check out the pre-made bats on offer. If you find one with a blade and rubbers combinaision that suits you, they are usually about 25% cheaper, if you compare them to the sum of their individual components prices.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Thanks for helping out on this one Jean!

César París

César París Posted 5 years ago

Hi, Thanks for helping! I found this racket DHS W3010 Renanos/3-60. The rubbers seem really good and i think it fits my offensive playstyle, its also cheap so I think I will end up buying it :D

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