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Hugo Ekeroth

Hugo Ekeroth Asked 1 month ago

Hello Pingskils! My question is about how to keep the neutral grip. When I play i really feel like i have a backhand grip which effects my forehand so i need to change the grip in the forehand. So my problem is a keep the neutral position at the start, but then it switches to the backhand grip.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Hugo,

I think one simple way is during training time get your partner to slowly put the ball to either your forehand or backhand side of the table.  Try to maintain the neutral grip while doing this.  Then get them to speed up the feed of the ball gradually.  As the ball gets faster and you have less time you will find that you will also have no time to switch grips.  It will force you to find a neutral grip.

You can also use some aides such as some strapping or taping to keep your hand in place.  Use this for a short time so that you get the feeling of keeping the same grip for both sides.  Then remove the tape and see if you can maintain the grip.

Hope this helps.

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Gerard Tran

Gerard Tran Posted 1 month ago

I heard Ovtcharov in one of his YT videos said that he tended to stick to a backhand grip for most of his shots. However, he is a professional so he knows what he is doing. 

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