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Pista Burkett

Pista Burkett Asked 1 month ago

my current coach has instructed me to focus on conversions (backspin to topspin) thru a carry style contact w/ the ball, instead of brushing.  he says that the carry style is simpler and therefore lower risk of an error.   the carry style, he says, is moving the bat more forward w/ a little up at the end to allow the ball to sink into the rubber and then up and over the net (for a ball motion of 10' forward, 10" up).  He says that this contact style is simpler and leads to fewer errors.   He is coaching me to do the simplest styles as an intermediate...so that i can increase my % of keeping the ball on the table and not into the net as much (he noticed that in my brush style (high to low, brush the ball) contact conversions that i was making a lot more errors (mostly balls into the net).   

would love a video on this.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Pista,

I understand what he is saying.  I think that is fine as a first step.

As you progress then the brushing and generating spin will be important to be able to play the ball faster.

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