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Sumeet Pandey

Sumeet Pandey Asked 11 years ago

I have mastered basic moves and strategies on a Stiga All round Classic bade with Mark V 2.0 on both sides.

I feel I am ready for a more customized bat that suits my off/def combo.

First, since i am spin focussed the stiga was decent. Some of my friends use the butterfly primoracs. Those are slightly heavier but the speed and control is awesome. Now going through the bats online, I need to finalize my blade with your guidance.

Choice A - Timo Boll All+

Choice B - Timo Boll Off-

Choice C - Waldner Senso Carbon

Which of these will give me a substantial jump in my speed along with a noticeable jump in my spin with control remaining almost the same?

As far as rubbers are concerned I want a spinny yet fast FH rubber.

So going through the database I found the Butterfly Tackifire C soft and the Donic Akkadi Taichi suiting these parameters. Both are durable and better than the Mark V. Amongst these the online speed rating of the Tackifire C soft is better than the donic.

So overall I find the tackifire to be better than the Mark V for my FH. But I need a professional opinion.

Lastly as my backhand is my strongest (in terms of blocks, top spins and smashes) I thought of the tenergy. But seeing that Stiga Boost TS has almost the same qualities for less than half the weight I chose the Boost for my BH.

So all in all my pref (based on my experience and the online ratings) I find this combination comfortable and powerful

Donic Waldner Senso Carbon (blade)

Butterfly Tackifire C Soft (FH)

Stiga Boost TS (BH)

Also let me mention that I am a close to the table to mid distance type of player. Also sometimes I go for FH chops on incoming smash and topspins.

I have 3 years of playing experience. The Mark V was a pleasure but as I have improved substantially I want to take my game to a new level altogether.

Your guidance is deeply appreciated



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Sumeet,

I will hand this over to our readers with more experience with all of this equipment. 

Remember to focus on your techniques as well as equipment. Have you tried Tenergy 05 or XIOM Vega.  They seem like good options as well.

Soon we will have a PingSkills blade that will have good control.  These will be available with Vega as well which may be a good combination for you. 

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Marco Bordo

Marco Bordo Posted 11 years ago

Hi everyone,

I played for a while my FH with boost tc on Donic Waldner senso carbon  but didn't like the combo much: it felt too mushy being the rubber and the blade quite soft.

Waldner Senso C is softer and more flexible than either Boll Spirit  or Maze for example and Boost Ts is even softer than Tc. Thus I wouldn't recommend using this combo.

Anyway  Boost Ts on BH should work a little better.

Moreover Stiga Boost are a big trouble if playing in a humid room 'cause they turn to be like antitop. These is one of the reasons why I got rid of 'em.

Timo Boll off- is a good blade, medium flex with hard feeling and works great with Tenergy 64.

Tackifire C is a very slow rubber , much slower and harder than Mark , and being tacky it would affect your  technique.

Except the Timo boll all+ wich is very close to Stiga AC, any of the other two blades would work well with tenergy, Xiom Vega, Andro  Hexer and so on.

Stiga Boost Ts also would work well on Boll off-, Waldner SC needs the harder rubbers mentioned above .

Remember that changing your racket will probably take some time to get used and begin to get advantage of it.

Hope you'll find this helpful!

Greetings  from Rome(IT) to you and PingSkills whole!






Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 11 years ago

Hi Marco,

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Sumeet Pandey

Sumeet Pandey Posted 11 years ago

That is what Alois pointed out to me - go for tenergy. I did'nt want it because of its heaviness. But I do play in a humid room. there are 7 tables in one room and about 16 -18 people. Sadly the windows have to be kept close since the ball may fly outside if smashed too hard.

Anyways so I think Timo Boll Off- or is Michael Maze better?

As far as rubber is concerned, will tenergy on both sides be a good option ie. spin and speed with decent control?

I mean I've already played with Mark V 2.0. Is Tenergy really uncontrollable?

 Lastly what tenergy product should I use as my FH ie. for making spinny serves?

For BH I think I'll go for the Tenergy 05 (default). No FX/VX whatever...


By the way I am changing my club in December. Its a more disciplined place and one of their players (from what I know) is currently participating in the Commonwealth Games here...  



Marco Bordo

Marco Bordo Posted 11 years ago


The better thing for you to do would be to find out if any of your club mates plays with tenergy.

if so you could ask him to try his bat and get a feel on the rubbers playing a couple of matches after a brief warm up.

Thus you'd be able to understand if those rubbers are good for you.

Tibhar Genius, Andro Hexer, Xiom Vega and Donic Acuda are good alternative to Tenergy, being still fast and spinny but easier  to control in short game and more forgiving in open game for half of the price.

Yasaka recently made the new Mark V HPS: they have the same old  but slitt  very good Mark V topsheet on a new and fast sponge. I heard good things on them, specially on the Soft version. This could be a solution...

Bty M.Maze is a well known blade, excellent if you play mid-far  distance from the table. It would work great with any of the rubbers mentioned above.

TBoll off- is slower and more controllable all wood blade with good feel.

I Played with both of them last season (Highest Italian Regional League) and I had my best results with Boll off- paired with Tenergy 64. Of course this is only personal experience.

Hope you'll find your balanced solution and stick with it.

Remember to always focus on your technique and train hard...


Sumeet Pandey

Sumeet Pandey Posted 11 years ago

Thanks Marco..

I've taken a temporary break from TT.. I will resume playing in the first week of December. 

And yeah I have a composition which should definitely lift my game.

I've decided to stick with Butterfly-both blade and rubber.

Blade : Timo Boll Off-

Rubber: Tackifire C Soft 2.1 FH

            Tackifire Drive 1.9 BH

I guess the spin in serves will increase considerably without loss in control. And playing with the Baracuda the other day (my friend's)--- Man I dont need fast and super spinny rubbers at this stage... a BIG NO.

Let me raise my level slowly... no boost or tenergy...

Let another year go by...

Thanks for your help


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