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Furqan Mohammed

Furqan Mohammed Asked 12 years ago

I am going to get the "Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offense Table Tennis Paddle", and for my Forehand i am going to buy the "DHS TG2" For my Backhand i am going to buy the "Butterfly Bryce"

My question is..

Because this is the first time i am buying the Paddle and Rubbers completely separately,  how would i glue my Rubber onto my paddle?

Any specific glue i can buy or any tips and tricks i should know?

Also, i am pretty sure that when i buy the Rubber it will give me a case with the rubber in it, and the rubber will be square...

Why is it square?  After i put it on my paddle am i supposed to cut around it or something?


-Any help appreciated

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Furqan,

You have taken a good step forward buying your custom made bat.

There are specific Table Tennis glues that you should use.  The place where you are buying the bat and rubbers will probably sell it.

The reason the rubber is square to start with is because blades are all different shapes.  You can cut it out to your specific blade size.  You glue the rubber onto the blade first.  Put glue on both the rubber and the blade.  Let it dry till it is touch dry and then attavcch, rolling it onto the blade.

Once it is stuck, cut it to shape using a scalpel or sharp blade or scissors, whiwchever you prefer.  I like a scalpel, because it gives a nice neat finish.


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