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Haseeb Ansar

Haseeb Ansar Asked 4 years ago

how can i differentiate between original and high copy rubber sheets ?just to avoid fraud i do have my own racket but the salesman from whom i bought rubbers isnt the man of his word he sold me fake rubbers in price of original . Can you please tell me an authentic source of buying original rubbers for my racquet ? In china ? Or online ? In reasonable prices too 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Haseeb,

I haven't experienced this so will let others help you out with some suggestions.

If you go to the bigger reputable sites you shouldn't have a problem.

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Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 4 years ago

Hi Haseeb. I purchase my rubbers either from a local reputable seller here in Australia or from Tabletennis11.com online (they have a physical shop in Paris but I'm yet to get there).  They are reputable and competitively priced.  I've not had a fake, poor quality or damaged item from them yet and they have pretty fast delivery too.  Cheers.

Benzene Chiral

Benzene Chiral Posted 4 years ago

Hi Haseeb, may I know which country you're staying in?

You may get from TAOBAO, it's usually cheaper than in shop, but there is a risk of getting substandard equipment.

Haseeb Ansar

Haseeb Ansar Posted 4 years ago

I m from pakistan but i can approach to China or dubai for the same.

Raffay Tarar

Raffay Tarar Posted 4 years ago

Haseeb, from where did you get the rubbers in Pakistan?

As someone has mentioned Tabletennis11.com, I am also considering buying table tennis stuff from there now onwards.

Benzene Chiral

Benzene Chiral Posted 4 years ago

I'll suggest Taobao (China), IF you know the suppliers well. The prices are certainly cheaper, but risk getting substandard goods there. There are some that work very well and last very long (rubbers maintain tackiness for more than 6 months of consistent playing every week), some spoil on the first few hours of gameplay. 

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