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dean gochev

dean gochev Asked 6 years ago

Hi, Alois. Hi, Jeff. It's Dean, your biggest fan in Bulgaria. Here's my question: I think I may be playing too close to the table. I realized that when there just wasn't enough room between myself and the table to try the backhand topspin against backspin. Is there like a rule of thumb to figure out the best distance from the table? Thanks!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Dean,

It sounds like you may be too close.  This can happen on the backhand if you stand with your left leg more forward as well.

Make sure you are square to where you want to hit the ball and adjust to a position where you have enough time to play that backhand topspin.  Most os the time it is easier to move in rather than out.

A very general rule of thumb is to stand where you can just touch the table when you are in a ready position.

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dean gochev

dean gochev Posted 6 years ago

Thanks, Alois.

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