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Andreas Karvounis

Andreas Karvounis Asked 2 years ago

Hello, my country has an extremely limited amount of table tennis tables available and my only choices for outdoor are an unknown brand 4mm resin table and a kettler outdoor 3 with 22mm aluminum which is 200 usd more. I haven't had the chance to play on any of these and i was wondering which material would you suggest playing wise, bounce, spin etc. We are not professionals but we are good players. We are currently playing on a terrible 15 year old warped wooden kettler. Thanks in advance

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Andreas,

I haven't had much experience with the newer Outdoor tables but I do know they are more expensive for the quality that you would get with an indoor table.

If you are only going to play with it outside but then store it inside I would go for an indoor table.  It won't get damaged while you are playing outside, as long as you don't leave it out for long periods.

For the same price you get a much better bounce and sturdier frame from the indoor tables.

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Kevin James

Kevin James Posted 2 years ago

I have not played on the Outdoor Champ 3, but I have played on the Champ 5.0 a couple of times at my friend's place. The ball bounce is quite close to a 19mm indoor table but the ball adherence is low. I would say the table is enough for intermediate level practice/matches. Plus the build quality is better than the Champ 3.

As Rosario suggested you may use indoor tables if the temp variation is not too much with a lower level of humidity. You can simply test this by doing a cardboard test. Place a piece of paper cardboard wrapped under plastic at the place where you would eventually want to place the table. Keep it there for a week. If after a week the cardboard is still crisp you may use the indoor table as well. You can read more about the outdoor vs indoor comparison here.

But as again, it would need to be thoroughly covered at all times.

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