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jake Wipf

jake Wipf Asked 11 years ago

i recently bought a stiga paddle and it is 8.8 ounces or so i believe.  my old paddle was slightly heavier and now i feel like i cant hit the ball as hard.  i try to hit the ball flatter to make it go faster but then it flies off the end of the table.  also i miss alot of hits because i come through way to fast now.  how can i hit the ball harder?? especially on my serve.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Jake,

The speed of the paddle does not necessarily correspond with the weight of the bat.  Try relaxing your arm and let it swing through faster to get a faster stroke.  Then it is a matter of getting the timing right.  At first you may miss the ball, but with concentrated practice you will start to get this right as well.

Watch the ball carefully and let your body adjust to the stroke and the weight of the bat.  You will soon find improvement. 

Hitting the ball flatter does get you more spin but it also loses you some accuracy.


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