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Yustus De kriek

Yustus De kriek Asked 1 month ago

Dear Coach,

I find it hard to choose between penhold and shakehand, and tend to switch each week.

Both have pros and cons, but generally my serve game is better with penhold and my receive game and rallies are better with shakehand. 

I'd like to use both styles during a game. Penhold for serves (and continue penhold untill the point is won/lossed) and shakehand for receiving. 

I am a low level player (800) with no ambition to play higher than 1500. 

Would this style be viable for my rating? 

(Training would be primarily shakehand)


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Yustus,

Interesting thought.  Is it mainly for the serve that you find you can gain more spin or is it for the 3rd ball as well that you find the Penhold more effective?  Which serves do you favour?

There are ways of modifying your grip for the serve with the shakehand grip that may be a good compromise to allow you to use the shakehand grip throughout.

I wouldn't rule out the idea but keep examining the reasons for the differences between the serving and receiving preferences.

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