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Omer Levy

Omer Levy Asked 3 weeks ago

Hey coach, lately when i play in my local club i start get better and beat more people than usual, but there is one player that have anti spin rubber on is bh, and i really struggle when i play against him, do you have any tips about how to beat the kind of player?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Omer,

The main thing to understand is that the anti spin rubber will act differently to an inverted pimple rubber.  It will "reverse" the spin on the ball.  If you play to it with a backspin, the ball will come back to you with topspin and vice versa.

You can't generate your own spin when you are using anti spin which means that when playing against it you can really dictate the type of spin that is on the ball coming to you.

The hardest part is to get used to the different responses from the anti spin to what you are used to.  Try to play against it as much as you can and you will start to get used to those differences.

We have a tutorial for our Premium members on Playing Against Antispin that will really help with this.


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