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Simon Narramore

Simon Narramore Asked 6 years ago

Hi guys

i play long pimps backhand flat rubber forehand. I've found that using the new ball negates virtually all spin reversal and the ball quite often just pops up to be hit. Also if I attack topspin the ball often goes in the net and backspin off the table. Offensive pushes also fly long. The new ball is definitely aimed at the flat rubber game and there is insufficient spin to use pimps effectively. Is there any way you can suggest that long pimps might get back on a par with flat rubber using the new ball?



joola Energy xtra soft / Joola Octopus ox / hallmark Aurora blade

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Simon,

I haven’t used Long Pimples much with the poly ball so don’t really have a feel for it.  If anyone has used them and have some answers for Simon it would be great.

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