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Tushar Rajguru

Tushar Rajguru Asked 11 years ago

Hi, when some of my opponents do a sidespin serve with short length on my forehand or backhand , I try to receive it short (or we can say want to play a drop shot) on their respective courts but usually (almost all the time) either the ball goes out of the table or the came with height and it is very easy for them to finish it . So what can I do.

Also can you please tell me how can I play a cut push (either short or long) on a lose serve (usually they do long lose serves) so that my opponents have difficulty in attacking them. Thanks .

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Tushar,

If the ball is going long from your push try to have less forward momentum on your stroke.  You really only need to provide the bat and the right angle but you don't really have to provide much of a stroke to get it short.  Also try for a relaxed hand.  This will absorb some of the speed of the ball.

If the serve comes long it is better to attack it with a topspin.  If you try to push it back it will almost always go long and provide your opponent with the first opportunity to attack.

We also have the Course on Receiving Secrets which will help with these areas.

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