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Vasco Ribeiro

Vasco Ribeiro Asked 8 years ago


I'm a fan of the sport and a player , for many years. I'm not a top player, but i'm a good player that can be better with a little boost in my game: I lost the games with always the same problem: Receiving services.

When I play, and in the majority with good players, i score a lot of points when i'm serving. But when I receive, i can't receive a service with effect, a long service to my backhand.

What you suggest to be better? It's a problem that i have, and i try a lots of ways to receive and i can't.

Please answer.

Great work , i loved the site and youtube channel. Sorry for my english, im from Portugal and it's not my language.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Vasco,

Receiving is a difficult part of the game.  For the long serve to your backhand, set up just half a step further away from the table.  This will give you more time and put you in a better position to see this serve.

Ideally you should try to make a topspin return off the long serve.  However if you are not ready for this, you can push or chop the return back but it needs to be a low return.  In the long term you should definitely focus on the topspin return.  You don't need to hit the ball fast, just with good control and spin.

For general information about returning spin we also have the Receiving Secrets lessons.

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