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Lachlan Kennett

Lachlan Kennett Asked 1 month ago

Hi Alois, I've had some problems with footwork recently! One coach taught me that before I take a loop shot I should have my left foot open (kind of on your tippy toes) and I should have my right foot closed (flat on the ground). When you take the shot, you rotate and do the opposite (so your left foot closes and your right foot opens). It turns into an open-close mechanism switching from your feet. However, some other coaches describe it as more of a shuffle. Some coaches suggest to just keep your feet planted on the ground and do almost short little jumps. What should I do?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Lachlan,

The transfer of weight that your coach is showing you is fine.  This is when you are starting to utilise a bit more rotation of the waist.

You can start with a balanced stance with no movement of the feet.  However as you progress, eventually there will be a more dynamic movement that could involve jumping and transferring your weight more fully through the stroke.

These are all options and progressions of the stroke.

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