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Nathan  Gottberg de Moura

Nathan Gottberg de Moura Asked 1 week ago

So i'm having a trouble in my serves, especially when i tried to do the high toss serve of Xu Xin/Ma Long, or the pendulum serve of Ma Long. I'm not being able to spin the ball very much, a lot of the serves go with little spin, or sometimes goes with spin but stays on the net, or the ball goes out. I wanted to know what are the main problems that make my serve not spinny, or if have any tutorials out there of ma long and xu xin serves, sorry for any english mistakes, sorry for the long question, love this site btw thank you!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Nathan,

I find the main issue with not being able to generate spin on the ball is about the contact.

Really focus on brushing the ball on contact and really focus 100% on this even at the cost of the ball not going on the table to start with.  Focus on the angle of your bat to generate spin and the contact.  You can even start away from the table and get the ball to curve on the floor.  Take a look at the tutorial on Learning To Spin.  This may seem too basic but I think it is the most important think to go back to before you move forward with your serving skill.


Can you take a look at the tutorial on Ma Lin Ghost Serve Bat Angle.  I think this will help you to understand what I mean.


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