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Jorge Sanchez

Jorge Sanchez Asked 11 years ago

Hello, my name is Jorge and my question is; Some Rackets that have a shiny plastic film over the rubber. Does this plastic film have any effect on the spin, control, or speed of the rubber? or is it just to prevent dust? Do u recommend putting on a Racket?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Jorge,

This is a protective sheet to use when you are not playing. This will stop dust and other unwanted substances on your bat when you are not playing. If you try to keep this on when you are playing it will negate any ability your rubber has to generate spin. In fact it would actually be illegal to use it as you are not meant to modify the rubber in any way from it's ITTF approved state.

I have never used these protective sheets myself. I simply clean my bat after each use and store it in my bat cover. 

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