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jai chopda

jai chopda Asked 7 years ago

Hello sir I wanted to ask that if my racket is good or not my rackets name is dhs 6006 x series but there is a problem it is pencil hold style but i use it as handshake style so any advice

i wanted to ask that in how many styles can a backspin serve be can you answer with video?

With respect Jai Chopda

My name is jai

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Jai,

If you are a shakehand player this will not suit you as the handle is too short and will change your grip and feeling of the bat.  You are better off to get a shakehand blade.

As far as the serves there are literally hundreds of different ways you can get backspin but the principle remains the same, you need to brush under the ball.  We have a lot of video on this in our Serving Secrets series where we show yo some of the serves you can try and show how to get backspin on these serves.

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