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Filippo Rotunno

Filippo Rotunno Asked 11 years ago

Dear Alois

I have used for years Donic JO Waldner rubbers (2.00 on f/hand and 1.5 on b/hand) on a Stiga energy wood blade and have enjoyed every minute of it. However Donic has stopped producing thus rubber. I asked my regular supplier for a replacement rubber of similar properties and I was told that Coppa was very similar. I bought, tried it and I am afraid it is completely different: much slower and only slightly spinnier. Control is the same or even less. It does not have the same feel. I asked a supplier of Butterfly rubbers and was given Shriver L as a good replacement. I bought it and again it is not the same feel. I am at this stage disillusioned with suppliers as they seem to sing the praises of what they want to sell rather than what the client needs. In desperation I asked a supplier of Tibhar rubbers for a replacement and was told that when JO Waldner was introduced it was exactly the same as Tibhar Rapid. I asked if I could buy a second hand sheet to try but was told that they do not stock used rubbers. Before I embark on another (possibly futile) purchase, I would like to hear your general opinion as what I should do and the opinions of other players if they have used both rubbers and feel that they are the same or even other ex-users of JO Waldner to hear of how they have solved the problem.

It was great to see you in London. I still cannot believe that you were there and I could actually speak to you face to face. A dream come true! And what a genuine, kind and passionate person you are. More of those like you and this game of ours would flourish again and be given the value that it deserves. Keep up the good work as they say! And "grazie di tutto anche a Jeff" as they would say in my country of origin.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Filippo,

Firstly let me say it was a pleasure to meet you.  Working as a volunteer at the Paralympics you and the others made the event the best that I have attended.  I have said this to every person who has asked about the trip.  The whole organisation was seamless and player focused like these events should be.  It would have been nice to have even more time to chat to you but meeting with you was special for me too.  It was especially nice to meet PingSkills' first Premium member.

As far as a replacement to Donic JO Waldner rubbers I am not the best person to ask.  I hope some of our other readers will have a good answer for you.

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Filippo Rotunno

Filippo Rotunno Posted 11 years ago

Dear Alois

Many thanks for your response. All I need to do is wait for responses from other players and PingSkills fans.

I too regret not having had the chance to chat to you properly especially about the wonderful work that you and Jeff do. There will be another time I hope.

Kind regards


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