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Zhihao Toh

Zhihao Toh Asked 13 years ago

I know normally when people play against choppers they normally uses push and loops of backspin against the choppers, for me, I used this before but my forehand loop was not very reliable so I can't win against them.

This week I tried something new, and my result improved and i can score more points, as I tried a new tactic. For those matches, I pushed alot more than usual and used my forehand loop off backspin extremely less, instead, I pushed and when chances arose, I used my backhand which has short pimples on it, to give it a good hit (hard/medium hard) and my chopping opponents can't return it. But I did do some soft backhand loops but not too soft as my opponent may attack, and I do attack with my forehand sometimes. I'm not sure whether this tactic is usual/common.

As I said, this tactic has allowed me to score more points against them than the one with looping with forehand, I even won a chopper whom I never beat before with a score of 4-0.Do you think I should continue using this tactic (keep pushing and chances arose, backhand short pimples attack, but with a few occasional forehand attacks), or used the old and common forehand looping tactic?And should I feel happy for that 4-0 win or should I not feel happy at all because I used the "wrong" or "unusual" tactic that people don't normally use against choppers?

I thank you for your advices. :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Toh,

If it works then it is probably good.

When playing an opponent it is important to understand what strengths you have as well as what deficiencies they have.  If the flat hit withthe pimples is working then use it and use it.

I remember watching one of Australia's leading women play a match against a high world raked player whom she beat easily using her long pimples to attack.  The chopper was not used to that type of attack at all and so made untoold number of errors.

You should feel proud that you have worked out something for yourself that has worked rather than just sticking to the tested and tried method.  Well done.

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Lukas Oberbanscheidt

Lukas Oberbanscheidt Posted 11 years ago

Wow, Can you explain me your tactic very detailed? Touré really a mastermind man

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