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Kristopherson Madrigal

Kristopherson Madrigal Asked 7 years ago

Hi Sir! I have finally made a new account here at your website. My question is how can I return a Fast and Long Backspin Serve using both forehand and backhand. If possible, I want to return it using Side spin because I really want to master my side spin.  But even though I do receive it with a forehand side spin, it goes out of the table and I only get lucky sometimes. I also tried keeping my distance a bit far to lessen the power but it also gives them the opportunity to smash pure top spin with a Loop.. I remember what you said on Facebook that I have the advantage of being left-handed since I get to play a lot more right-handed players than left-handed ones, yet I feel that I'm the one at the Disadvantage side.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago


It is best to return the backspin serve with straight topspin.  As you are finding, if you use sidespin, you are decreasing your margin of error because the ball isn’t dipping straight onto the table.

Standing half a step back form the table is a good idea if they are doing a lot of fast serves at you.  Then make the topspin return simple using either forehand or backhand.  Watch the ball carefully out of the servers hand and then move to one side or the other and execute the simple topspin strokes.

For our Premium members we have this previous video response. Long, fast serve with lot of back spin.

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