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Anshuman Mishra Mishra

Anshuman Mishra Mishra Asked 4 years ago

Sir actually when i return a spin ball it goes out of the table thereby losing my point. Can you please give me directions to perfect that.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Anshuman,

The main thing when returning spin is to not try to do too much.  You need to use the angle of your racket to get the ball back onto the table.  You also need to watch the result of what you do carefully.

If you hit one and the ball goes to the right then learn from that.  If you see the same serve again you need to angle your bat to face more to the left and vice versa.  It is a long process.  First though it is a matter of understanding the effects of different spins and then the basic pronciple son how to counter them.

We cove this extensively in our Introduction to Receiving section of the site.  Take a look through and see what is available.

Mostly, persevere and learn each time you attempt a return.


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