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Nicho Marpaung

Nicho Marpaung Asked 10 years ago

Hey coach, first of all i want to thank PingSkills for the tutorials. I started from total noob at TT but PingSkills helped me develop my game a lot.

Here is my question. I was playing a match against a top player in my school. I won the match 2 - 1 (3 sets) but i lost some points when he does this very fast topspin serve to my Backhand side.

Sometimes i can return with an attacking topspin stroke. But then he increased the speed of the serve, and sometimes put a little sidespin. I can't cope up with that serve and most of the time have to lift the ball a bit high over the net.

He would usually attack right away. Some times i can block or counterhit his attack but it is not consistent, i lost 6 points to this server (4 points at 1st set and 2 points at 2nd set).

How can i return that serve effectively ? Because if i move far from the table when receiving, he then will change the serve to a short backspin serve and i have to move forward to return it so i would get out of position.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Nicho,

I think attacking the serve is the best option for you.  This will depend on the amount of time you have.

To help you with your time it is important to watch the ball carefully.  If you watch the ball as he prepares to serve you will find you will have just a split second more to be able to react and play an effective shot.

You can also take a small step closer to your backhand side to cover this area if you are particularly worried about that serve.

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