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Ilona Petry

Ilona Petry Asked 7 years ago

Hi, my name is Ilona from Germany. I stared to learn TT one year ago. I think I play very well but I have the most problem to see what is in the serve. Back spin or top spin, or Back with side spin or top with side spin. How can I learn it to get the ball on the table.

I hope you can answer me. Your video are very good for all beginners.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Ilona,

Returning serves is the most difficult part of the game initially.

There are some basic principles to focus on to start with.  Firstly make sure you are watching the contact of the serve.  This is crucial.  See whether the bat is going up or down at the point of impact.

Then also watch the flight of the ball.  This will also give you some information. The topspin will dip a little quicker and the backspin will tend to float.  The sidespin will curve in the air and off the table.

Finally, watch the result of your return, exactly where it goes off your bat.  This is an important part that a lot of players miss out on because it si not nice to watch the ball go off the table when you hit it.  However, that information will help you greatly when you see the same action the next time.

We have a series on our site, Receiving Secrets tha is dedicated to this topic and will help you a lot more.  It is part of our Premium membership which you can sign up to by going to the My info link at the top right of the site.  There you will see the options.  Even if you sign up for a Month you will still be able to watch all of the tutorials in the Premium series.

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