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sebastien jacquier

sebastien jacquier Asked 7 years ago

Hi, Since years, as soon the game is reaching high tempo close to the table, when you dont have time to think much, I tend to lose my FH top spin technique and my arm often gets too high at the end, the axels don't rotate enough, in generally not relax enough ...many mistakes due to this technique lack of control. I'm 40 years old and feel that technique changes are hard to be implemented since in table tennis there is high part of "body automation". Do you have any tips to improve it and change body habits at high tempo ? any particular training ? best Sebastien

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Sebastien,

Practice at those faster speeds.  If you find it difficult to get a training partner that can block to you at that pace, see if you can get them to feed you multiball at a higher pace.

When focusing on the stroke think about making sure you are going in the same direction with your bat.  It just needs to be a little shorter stroke.  Whenever you think about your strokes think about going along the same path.  How far you can go along the path depends on the amount of time you have.  When the ball is coming at you faster you don't need as big a swing to generate the speed because the speed is already on the ball.

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