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kirtan agrawal

kirtan agrawal Asked 9 years ago

i cant return the ball with spin... if i try to return it it does not hit on the table.. the ball goes out of the table every time.. i only push the bat slightly.. the position of my bat was open... if i bent my bat then also the ball is there on my side only.. so plz tel me the solution..? how to return a ball wid a heavy spin and simple spin..

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Kirtan,

I hear your frustration.  This is the most difficult part of the game when you are learning because it all looks so simple but the ball goes in all directions.

There are a few basic principles that you can think about.  Firstly watch the contact they are making with the ball.  They can only contact it one way.  If they brush the ball from your left to right then the ball will go off to your right when you hit it.  What you need to do in this situation is angle your bat so that it is facing your left.  Don't try to do too much with the ball, just present your bat to the ball at that angle and see whether the ball goes back straight.  It amy take a few adjustments with your angle to get it right.Then use this principle for all other spins.  If the ball goes down off your bat then you need to face your bat more up.

Secondly have a very relaxed hand.  This will absorb some of the spin on the ball.

We have a course designed specifically for this, Receiving Secrets.  By taking up a monthly membership of just $30 for a month you will gain access to all of our lessons for the month.  You will also be able to download 10 lessons that you will be able to keep forever.  This may be an option for you if you feel yourself becoming really frustrated with this part of the game.

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kirtan agrawal

kirtan agrawal Posted 9 years ago


Alois Rosario for better suggestion.

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