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Mark Baker

Mark Baker Asked 9 years ago

I have reviewed your videos on all the pendulum serves.  I am trying to perfect them before moving on to the backhand serve and tomahawk serve.  I have heard you say that about 80% of serves should be double bounce.  I can get a double bounce or more on all the pendulum serves except the reverse pendulum sidespin and the reverse pendulum topspin.  They only bounce once and then my opponent attacks.  Any additional advice would be appreciated.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Mark,

Good work with your progress on your serves.

To help you get the serves short, focus on getting the ball to bounce close to you on your side.  With the sidespin and topspin serves it is important to get the ball very low over the net. A few millimetres higher or lower can be the difference of the ball bouncing once or twice.   One way I get players to practice this is to get them to aim to hit the top of the net.  You can also use a strong like we use in our lesson on Keeping The Ball Low.

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