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Mark L

Mark L Asked 9 years ago

Hi Coach Alois,

Yesterday, I had finally managed to change my short pimple backhand to smooth rubber. which you advice me to in May this year. =)

I noticed my playing style for smooth rubber backhand seems to be flicking and blocking which i used while having stuck with short pimple. it seems easier to flick as I can grip, rub the ball easily now with smooth rubber and relates to the higher chance of hitting the table unlike my short pimple era, hit into the net. yet again, if my short pimple flick is successful, then it is so deadly that many people can't even block it as upon contact the ball will 'slip off' due to no spin. smooth rubber flick easier to block as it had tremendous spin.

please advice me on my playing style changes needed to implement. thanks =)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Mark,

You will be able to get more spin with your flick and lift more balls so work on these improvements.  You will also be able to put more backspin on the pushes to make it more difficult for your opponent.  It will just take time to adjust to what you can do.

You will also be able to play from further away from the table on the backhand side and generate more spin.

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