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Ganesh Gajare

Ganesh Gajare Asked 8 years ago

Alois sir,

What happened is that I just regularly went to my club for playing tt !! After I had played to tool a timeout and I came to stand to sit there I found a FEVI QUICK ( its a adhesive used for wood or blade ) this thing is the strongest adhesive in our country so I just took it and checked if anything is left in it so I squezzed it hard the glue fell on my racket and within seconds I tried removing it but it had done its damage. It left my rubber damaged like say some small circular marks but they are not really felt when u touch it but u can see it though ! I. Was my new mark V M2 rubber so is it ok if I play with it as no effect on the ball due to it but its just visible is it allowed to play like that ?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ganesh,

In most situations this should be OK.  If it is not effecting the surface of the rubber it should be OK.  At a major International event you probably wouldn't get away with it but in your situation it should be fine.

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ganesh burra

ganesh burra Posted 8 years ago

Hi Ganesh,

Try to remove those circular hardened spots with Isopropyl alcohol, dilute it and apply with cotton swab and see if it works.

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