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Vimal  Raj

Vimal Raj Asked 1 year ago

Hello Sir,I'm Vimal Raj from playing table tennis for 4 years with a 20$ gki euro v (400g) premade racket,I'm a penhold player and I was playing pendold in the shakehand premade racket. I'm upgrading the setup,I just bought Yasaka Sweden Extra ch.pen(I love attacking play).My question is should I go for Mark V on both sides or should I use Mark V on backhand and Xiom vega pro on forehand? Eventhough this is my first customized racket I play really good with that premade racket like topspin and loops. I'm the number 1 player in past 2 years in our college sports day.what will you recommend.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Vimal,

Usually I would recommend Mark V as the first rubber.  If you feel confident enough with your basic techniques then it would be OK to move up to the faster rubber.

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