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jassy faz

jassy faz Asked 11 years ago

Hi coach,

 I am following your secrets revealed drills and practcing 2 hours a day and play competetively  2 hours a day, total of 4 hours of training, i wanted to know if this will significantly improve my game, i am already seeing results, however want to know what long term consistent practice can do.

 Also after about 2 weeks my rubbers start to wear off, does multiball training damage the rubber quicker, how often should i change my rubber? i also apply spinmax after every practice session, the spinmax red.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Jassy,

That is a lot of training.  That will get you some good improvement if you are able to focus well for thet whole training session.

You will find that your rubber is also doing a lot of work, hitting so many balls.  This is especially true when you are doing multiball because you are hitting so many balls in a short amount if time. 

As a guide probably 80 to 100 hours of hitting is what a rubber will last.  This will depend on the type of hitting you are doing.

Keep working hard and you will get some significant improvement.  We would love to know how you are progressing. 

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