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George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis Asked 11 years ago

Hello.  intermediate level player with Stiga Offensive classic, Dawei Inspirit FH, Joola Mambo H BH. Attacking style from both sides with topspin playing mid-close to the table and interested in better rubbers from my currents. Pretty happy with the Dawei which I find suits more my style, whilst disappointed with the Joola which is hard although more spinny. I think that a better version of the Dawei would be ideal for me for use on both FH and BH, and if you feel that there's something better in Stiga, Butterfly, Donic, Yasaka or whatever else, I would more than welcome your suggestions. Thank you, George

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi George,

Some of our readers may have some advice for you here. We recommend the Vega Pro for the spin and speed.

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George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis Posted 11 years ago

including Tenergy 05?

Leslie Yin

Leslie Yin Posted 11 years ago

As an intermediate player who doesn't have much experience with rubbers, I would advise not to go rushing into Tenergy rubbers as they are quite fast and require good training in order to control them. In addition there's a chance you might not like them. 

Try switching the bat around and see if the Dawei rubber is ideal for your backhand. If so, then you can purchase another and know it's exactly what you're looking for. If not, then go with one of the rubbers off Pingskills as they offer rubbers with varying speed and control. 


George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis Posted 11 years ago

Executing backhand strokes with FH rubber (Dawei) is superior....That was exactly the reason I dropped down Joola Mambo and looked for Chinese rubbers. Putting Xiom Vega Pro in both FH and BH sounds like a good option. Thank you very much. I would welcome your comments on Mark V as well.

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 11 years ago

i use mark v and i love it. i am also intermediate.  you can do everything with mark v, with great control and spin.  you should try it i think.

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