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Alex Horscroft

Alex Horscroft Asked 11 years ago

I am very fond of tenergy, mine personally, being tenergy 64. i like tenergy 64 a lot, but i would like to try out a few new rubbers, i have tried coppa jo gold, and i am thinking about getting a new coppa version, like coppa jo platinum turbo. But before i do, i would like some advice. I am an offensive topspin player, using the shakehand grip, is there any rubbers that you would recommend for me? and also What rubbers do you use?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Alex,

Firstly don't get too hung up on equipment.  It is far more important to train your strokes.

We both use XIOM Vega.  We recommend Yasaka Mark V for more control,  Yasaka Pryde for a bit more spin and speed and the Xiom Vega Pro for extra speed and spin. 

There are literally hundreds of options out there. 


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